NEW ANDROID UPDATE!! Now even more fun and challenging!.

WORDFIX was thoughtfully crafted to challenge word-game fans, regardless of their skill level. Your goal is simple: "Solve all 15 words to win a game!"

There are five levels in the game, consisting of three words each. Word lengths increase for each of the levels (Novice, Junior, Pro, Expert and Master), from four through to eight letters. Solve all the words before your time runs out!

TIP: Win in-game coins for playing and winning games, or for watching opt-in ads. You are able to use these coins in exchange for clues when you get stuck!

Have fun and good luck!

New clues are now available with a helpful three-lives system so you can win more games!

What makes WORDFIX different from other word games?

✔️ Created by two passionate word game fans
✔️ All words common to both British and U.S. English
✔️ Standard English words that most people should know
✔️ No plurals or conjugations
✔️ No obscure or archaic words
✔️ Fun to play, but remains challenging
✔️ Playable offline, great for transit
✔️ No excessive advertising practices

NEW ANDROID UPDATE!! Now you can earn coins for playing and winning games!

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